27k Giveaway – Winners Announced! :)

27K. What a Lucky Day…For a Giveaway! 😉

Okay, enough rhyming for me. Let’s get down to business…the business of loving our fans. We are so glad that the feeling is mutual.

To celebrate, we have 3 (yes – three) different backdrops up for grabs! Which means we will have THREE WINNERS! 🙂


#1 – Color 25 with baseboard printed on drop (7 foot)

#2 – Wallpaper 93 (7 foot)

#3 – Wallpaper 44 (6.5 foot)CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!!!!

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2 Responses to 27k Giveaway – Winners Announced! :)

  1. Deb Martin says:

    I’ve been gone without internet for two weeks and just found out I’d won! I am so excited, I probably will have a hard time sleeping tonight!!!! Thanks Photo Prop and Floor and Backdrops and Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marisa David says:

    No way!!!! I’ve never won anything…EVER SO EXCITED!!!

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