Vendor Feature: On The Spot Studio (w/ a giveaway!)

Today is our 100th post on our blog! WOOT WOOT!  And we are celebrating right, with a wonderful vendor, On The Spot Studio!

On The Spot Studio specializes in Logo and Blog Design as well as Photoshop Actions.  Their owner, Tiffany tells us: “Branding yourself is one of the most important steps in marketing your business. Your logo defines your business and should be with you MANY years. Your logo defines your business and shouldn’t be changed often. Remember: Sometimes, Simple is Better.”

{The Giveaway}

Tiffany is offering an incredibly generous prize!  The winner will receive a $250 credit towards any purchase from the OTSS Store!  Did you see that???

$250 Credit! WOW!

{To Enter}

{1} You must “LIKE” the Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops Fan Page

{2} You must “LIKE” the On The Spot Studio Fan Page

{3} Come back and leave us ONE comment telling us that you liked BOTH pages AND tell us why you want to win!  (You must use your personal Facebook page to “like” the Fan Pages or your entry will not be valid for the giveaway)

{Bonus Entry} Not Required

{1} Update your Facebook status to the following: @Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops has an amazing giveaway on their blog for an awesome prize from @On The Spot Studio. Click here to enter:

{2} Come back here and leave ONE comment to let us know you posted the status.

{Loyal Customer Bonus} Not Required

Have you purchased a backdrop or floor from us? What about one of our beautiful hand-crafted baseboards?

{1} If you’re one of our loyal customers and would like an extra entry to this give-away then stop by our Facebook Fan Page and leave us a review under our “REVIEW TAB” by clicking here: Reviews

{2} Come back and tell us you left one! 🙂

{Vendor Lovin’ Bonus} Not Required

In need of some fabulous Photoshop Actions?  What about a new logo?  Well, then get to work with On The Spot Studio!  Leave ONE extra comment letting us know that you are one of Tiffany’s newest customers, and you are IN for another chance to win! (purchase must be made before the giveaway ends – 8/16/11 @10:00PM EST to qualify for an additional entry)


The Giveaway starts NOW!

The giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 10:00PM EST

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. By entering this promotion you acknowledge that you completely release of Facebook. By entering this promotion you acknowledge that if you enter you are providing your email to Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC in your entry. If you win this promotion you acknowledge that you will be providing your name and shipping address to Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC & On The Spot Studio and not to Facebook.
All winners will be posted on this blog and we will contact you via the email address you provide in your entry (so please check that the email address is entered correctly). You must claim your prize within 48 hours of us contacting you or we will draw another winner.
{Unless otherwise noted} international entrants may enter but may be responsible for the shipping cost for the prize. Prizes do not have cash value. You may not exchange or return your prize.
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153 Responses to Vendor Feature: On The Spot Studio (w/ a giveaway!)

  1. I have also posted the link on my Facebook page! I hope it guides many more fans your way!

  2. I’ve “liked” both pages! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Floors and Backdrops products, I’ve been shooting for six years and have been slowly getting my home studio together, but i’m still lacking in the backdrop area. I would absolutely LOVE to turn a plain old floor into a beautifully crafted place to photograph my clients!

    As for On The Spot Studio- WOW! She has SUCH talent! I wish I would have found her about six months ago, I know that I struggled for what seemed like AGES to finally come up with a logo that I don’t hate. lol It takes real passion for design and a great eye to do the things that she does. I would love to have her help perfect my logo! And the little packages that she creates for branding? Genius! Love them!

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity to further our own little business and for showing us new products and vendors we would have never encountered otherwise!

  3. Lexi U says:

    Hey I love both of these pages as the are unique.
    I would love to win as i have just started to do photography, studing full time
    I posted this on my wall 🙂

  4. i posted the status on my wall
    angie stark robinson

  5. I am already a fan of both pages 🙂
    angie stark robinson

  6. Donna Nickels says:

    I “liked” both pages!! From what I’ve seen, Tiffany has great insight in what she designs for ppl and I would love for her to put her talents to work for me!

  7. Brooke Azevedo says:

    I liked both pages. I would love to win this because I just got my first studio and I would love a gorgeous backdrop to use in it!

  8. Kendra Anthony says:

    I liked both pages and changed my facebook status! I would love to win because I am just starting out in my photography business and could really use a new background and an awesome logo to go with my business!!

  9. I’m always been a fan! I really need a new logo and winning a new background will be awesome because you have great stuff!

  10. Already a fan of both pages! I am slowing working my way to turning my hobby into a business and would love to have a new logo, but I also love love having and using actions too!

    Adriana Janky

  11. angela says:

    I liked both pages 🙂

    Angela Kristoff

  12. I am a new customer and posting again! I’m hoping for a chance at a new logo!!

  13. I’ve liked both pages! I am a photographer that needs a logo facelift!!! I am so inspired by your work and would love to have a chance to work with you on a logo for my business.

  14. Sydney Gibbs says:

    I like both pages on fb, but truly LOVE them! I am slowly making my way into photography and need to start making a name for myself!

  15. I was already a fan of both pages 🙂 I would love to win this because I am just starting out as a children photographer and having one of these backgrounds would be a great addition to my business.

  16. Samantha Pierson says:

    My face book status is updated 🙂 Cant wait!!

  17. Samantha Pierson says:

    I liked both 🙂 I have wanted to start a more personalized blog for over a year now, I just need some help on how to make it unique! Thanks for offering such a great prize

  18. I liked both pages and I like to win good stuff. 🙂

  19. I like both pages ….id love to win because i do not have a logo for my new business that i started up :d it would be amazing to get this prize

  20. Jordan Lyall says:

    I am a fan of both pages! I love Tiffany’s work and would really, really love to have her design a blog for me! This credit would help a great deal towards making that happen. 🙂

  21. updated my status and I liked both of your pages. I have a small business out of my house and could really use the credit towards help with my website store!

  22. Lauren Lehmuth says:

    Updated my status to share the giveaway!

  23. Lauren Lehmuth says:

    I am already a fan of both pages 🙂

    • Lauren Lehmuth says:

      I would love to win the $250 credit so I can put it toward the marketing package!! She did such an awesome job on my logo, I would love to get the rest of the package 🙂

  24. Todd Thompson says:

    I’ve liked both pages! Never worked with backdrops and it would be cool to give it a try! Ready to be a winner!

  25. Arminda Dozier says:

    I have shared it on my photography fan page!
    HOPE I win! 🙂

  26. Arminda Dozier says:

    I already “liked” both pages! I want to win really bad bc I am working on launching my own photography business, therefore need some “branding”. I also run shop that is in need of a new logo/branding as well!

  27. Cindy says:

    awesome does not even come close love it , want please.

  28. jaimie m says:

    I left a review for you! I also forgot in the first comment to say why I’d like to win! I have admired her work for quite some time and would be honored to work with her!

  29. jaimie m says:

    I posted it in my status!!!

  30. jaimie m says:

    I’ve liked both pages!!

  31. I liked both Facebook pages before I even knew about the contest. I love the prop flooring because it’s so portable and looks easy to setup. I also love On The Spot Logos because I have two photo websites and its hard to come up with unique logos to market yourself. They have great logo ideas and design packages!

  32. Kaley Jones says:

    I updated my status on Facebook and linked both pages! Crossing my fingers that I win!!!!

  33. Kaley Jones says:

    I have “Liked” (more like LOVED!) both pages on Facebook! I would love to win because I recently changed the name of my business (due to wanting to go in a different direction subject-wise and my previous name just didn’t fit) and I have yet to set a logo/branding with my new name 😦 Tiffany is sooo talented and I know I would get just what I’m looking for with her logo/branding talents!!!

  34. I have been a fan of both pages for a ling time now! I think I should win because as a struggling photographer just starting out, this money would really help out to get some things I really need!

  35. I liked both pages! I would love to win! I just started my photography business i I think that the branding is very important. I love your work!

  36. Maureen Petru says:

    Like both of you on Facebook! Why do I want to win? Well, I have been in business over a year now and do not have a logo! Crazy, no?

  37. Amanda Parks says:

    Thank you so much for this contest and for exposing me to such a great vendor… I am brand new to photography and have truly found my passion, would love to have someone help me with a my branding… thank you again.. and I liked both pages..

  38. posted this to my status

  39. I like both pages….

    I would love to win..because I don’t have any backdrops…and my little daughter that I am adopting is to be born and coming soon…and I would love to have my newborn session with backdrops!! Of course we were going to have two newborns..but mine that I was carrying passed away. But maybe the Lord will see fit to give us another after our little adopted daughter comes:)

  40. Sarah Argue says:

    I liked both pages! I would LOVE to get a jumpstart on my personal branding and style! Thanks for the opportunity! Thanks!

  41. Of course I already liked both pages! I love OTSS and her style. it fits perfectly with what I am trying to achieve, and of course I need a new logo and branding to accomplish this

  42. Ashlee Ferry says:

    I posted the link to my FB page! Again good luck to everyone who enters!

  43. Ashlee Ferry says:

    I am a fan of both wonderful pages!! I would love to win and possibly get to work on the branding for my photography page, it definitely needs some work!
    Thanks for this opportunity to both of you! And good luck to everyone else!!!
    God Bless!

  44. Already a huge fan of both pages!! I would love to win…been trying to design my own logo, and let’s face it, it’s just no good! Love OTS and would love to have a design from them!!

  45. Sheribeari says:

    Have also posted links to giveaway on FB and Twitter!

  46. Sheribeari says:

    Both pages are liked…. Why would I love to win this? Duh….. because these are AWESOME products. I am a beginner and on a very limited budget. At this point I can’t afford to buy backdrops, but really really want some…. Thank you for doing this!

  47. Gina says:

    Liked both pages! Am trying to grow my portfolio in hopes of becoming a Special Kids Photographer and would love, love, love to win this!

  48. Kristi Stevens says:

    I like both on Facebook. I am just beginning to brand my business and it would be SO wonderful to have a direction to go in! $250 is definitely a good start too : )

  49. Lynda says:

    I left a review on the Photo Prop Floors fan page too!

  50. Lynda says:

    Just updated my facebook status to the blurb about the giveaway!

  51. Lynda says:

    I like both pages on facebook! I am just setting up my photography business again after taking a long break to have our first child and move from Illinois to Florida. I love Tiffany’s work and really want to start things off right with a professionally designed logo!

  52. Lottie Essig says:

    I have updated my personal facebook page with the required blurb regarding this phenomenal giveaway, with links and visible to everyone.

  53. Lottie Essig says:

    I’m a longtime fan of both On the Spot and PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops!

    • Lottie Essig says:

      Darn! Forgot to say WHY I WANT TO WIN — I want to win because I’m recently unemployed and trying to make the Photography a full-time gig so I need professional equipment! My existing backdrops are cloth backdrops hung with curtain rings — definitely not professional enough!

      • Lottie Essig says:

        Now I realize that the prize is from On the Spot Studios, not a backdrop! That’s so AWESOME! I need to fine-tune my editing skills and a set of On the Spot Actions would be PERFECT to get me up and running as a business again!

  54. Rhonda Lane says:

    Status posted sure cant wait to see who wins 🙂

  55. Rhonda Lane says:

    I went and liked both pages.. Awesome products. I would love to win because Im ready to move to the next level and get me some clients. Photography is like therapy. If I have a long rough day I start shooting and it relaxes me. Then even more so after I see my images when they are done being edited and others also like what “art” I have created…especially when its of their children. Their smiles make me smile 🙂

  56. posted my status as your changed one! 🙂

    So hoping my number is drawn!!!

  57. already liked both pages!!
    Oh man, this is so incredible…..I REALLY need it! My business is growing and I want to re-brand it before I order more material…*crosses fingers*

  58. Lacey Lee says:

    I have liked both pages. I love photography. I have loved it since I began 8 years ago! I’ve had two offers to sell my work and turned down the first one do to being a military wife and moving around and such, it would’ve been hard to keep up with at the time. I recently have begun working more with people. I love it. It keeps me positive and busy when my husband is away or deployed. I want this to help get me started on indoor shoots. I never thought I would love taking pictures of people so much, because honestly, I used to dislike it when people got in my pictures even accidently. BUT things changed and I’ve expanded my ways of thinking, and shooting, and love photography even more now. It makes me happy to see other people with the same passion for photography and photographers alike that I have. People in this business inspire me as much as the glimpses into time and life I capture with the click of my shutter. That’s why I liked your pages.

  59. Jessica says:

    And I´ve updated my status. Thanks guys for this

  60. Jesscia says:

    Liked and loved them… Really feels like my photography business needs a make-over 😉

  61. Heather Lunsford says:

    I have liked both pages, and I want to win this because I deseperately want to get into the business. Obviously being a stay at home mom of three, our budget is just too tight for me to afford all the awesome props, action programs, etc. I hope to win so i can boost my hobby into something more! ❤

  62. Bryce says:

    I liked both! Would love to win! Just quit my regular full time job in July to be a full time dad and run my photography business.

  63. I liked both pages….. would love to win, as I’m trying to enhance my design services and could use some interesting new actions. thanks for the contest! happy 100th!

  64. Michelle says:

    Already a fan of Photo Props Floors and Backdrops. Now a new fab of OTSS!

  65. Bethany says:

    Just left you guys a review! You have been awesome, thank you.

  66. Jessica Thomas says:

    Updated my facebook page! 🙂

  67. Jessica Thomas says:

    Already a fan of both pages! I would LOVE to win because my photography business is growing and I need Something to Make is Spark and OTSS can help me with their amazing ideas! THANKS SO MUCH

  68. Bonita Hummel says:

    Already a fan of both pages 🙂 I would love to win this…their actions are amazing!!

  69. Bethany says:

    I’ve liked both pages! Awesome Stuff!! I like my blog but I am not in love with it. It could use some updating.

  70. jessica evans says:

    I “liked” both pages and I need to win because I don’t have any backdrops yet and I need ALOT!

  71. Kelcy Hanson says:

    I have ‘loved’ both pages!

  72. I like both pages, LOVE Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops Fan Page, and would love for On the Spot Studio to design a new logo and blog for my photography business! I have been photographing families and weddings on the side for a few years now, but want to take it to the next level now that I have my 3rd baby and can no longer afford to work a 9-5 job and pay for daycare. I really need help with my branding and would deeply appreciate and value this prize! Thank you!!!!

  73. Jen Stitt says:

    I posted the FB Status. 🙂

  74. Jen Stitt says:

    I liked both pages. I want to win because On The Spot Studio makes such excellent points about branding!

  75. Amber Smith says:

    I liked both pages – and I need to win because I’m a college student just getting started into photography and freebies of any kind are a huge blessing!

  76. Georgia says:

    I have shared the link for the contest!!!

  77. Georgia says:

    I have already liked both pages!!!

    • Georgia says:

      I am an aspiring self taught photographer, and I do not have a logo or anything of the sort! I just recently purchased photoshop and lightroom 3 and I am looking forward to learning new things with each! I like as many pages as possible to get ideas of what I “should” be doing and then I use them to create my own ideas! Winning would be a dream come true to get my foot in the door a little more professionally! Keeping my fingers crossed, and good luck to all!!!

  78. already have a review listed for you:)

  79. I liked both pages. I love her designs and it wouldn’t hurt to tie in my branding with my logo a little better:)

  80. Updated my status!!! Second entry!

  81. LIKED both pages!

    I hope to win since I’m a aspiring professional photographer and would love to have an awesome logo made by on the spot studio.

    Crystal Pafford

  82. I updated my Facebook status!

  83. I like both pages!!!

  84. Donna Butler says:

    I also posted the status on my Facebook page as well…

  85. Donna Butler says:

    I “liked” you both on Facebook!!! Great Stuff!!! And congrats on your 100th blog post.

  86. Lisa Warren says:

    I liked both and think anything that can help add to my photography is a great thing.

  87. Robin Doyle says:

    I updated my facebook status!

  88. Robin Doyle says:

    I have liked both pages! I would really like to win this! I think it could really help my business!

  89. Wendy goodwin says:

    Changed my status

  90. Wendy goodwin says:

    Why I want to win. First I am one of the unluckiest people in the world & I want to open up a shop & what a better way to change my luck then to start my shop out with this giveaway! Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  91. Wendy goodwin says:

    Liked On The Spot Studio

  92. Wendy goodwin says:

    Like PPF&B

  93. Elizabeth E. says:

    I’ve liked you both and would LOVE some help coming up with a logo. I seem a little stuck in moving forward with my photography as a part time business and I really think formalizing my look will help. Thanks!!

  94. Liker of both! I want to win because I have been wanting a set like this forver (it seems) I just don’t have the extra $ right now 😦 I enter almost every single giveaway where by Photo Props is a sponsor:)

  95. Shel says:

    Liked both pages! Just starting out so I would love some free stuff to help me out!

  96. Amanda says:

    “liked” both pages! I so need a logo…been searching fonts and designers for awhile now- perfect timing!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  97. natalie grounds says:

    I “like” both pages and I would love to get some better branding and a better layout for my blog. I feel I deserve it as I have just given birth to my first baby, and deserve a little something. Lol.

  98. Lacy Chitwood says:

    I have changed my status to let everyone I know about the awesome giveaway!!

  99. Lacy Chitwood says:

    I have liked both pages for SO long!!! I absolutely love OTSS and her creativity. I have wanted to use OTSS but just haven’t saved enough yet since I am still working and learning for free. Branding is my next step though and this prize would be perfect. Thank you for the opportunity.

  100. Echo Dannelle says:

    I changed my status!

  101. Echo Dannelle says:

    I’m already a fan of both pages. I have LOVED Tiffany’s work for a long time, and I’m dying for a logo! I’ve recently decided to head in the “business” direction of photography and would love to start out with a really awesome logo. 🙂

  102. Crystal Hernandez says:

    Already a fan of Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops Fan Page
    Now a fan of On the Spot. Oh I’d love to win!!! AWESOME STUFF!

  103. Melinda says:

    I shared this giveaway on my Facebook status!!!/Melinda.Holden.Walters

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!!

    Mew Photography

  104. Melinda says:

    I am alread a fan of both pages on Facebook!! I would love to have their actions and a custom logo!! I am really just getting started in the business and could definitely use them!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!!

    Mew Photography

  105. I am already a fan of both pages, I would love to win because well this is a hugely generous gift. And as a ‘starting out’ photographer I could really use all the marketing materials On The Spot Studio has to offer!

  106. I updated my status on FB to announce the giveaway! 🙂

  107. I like both on Facebook. I want to win because after 3 attempts (I know… three!) I am still not in love with my logo. Tiffany has done a fantastic job for people I know, and I would absolutely love to work with her to get my branding just right. Thanks for the chance!

  108. Jamie says:

    I “like” both pages!

  109. Cindy Wason says:

    I am a fan of both pages! I would love to win because I am a new photographer and don’t really have any backdrops yet or anything. I am really trying to build up my business and get backdrops for customers to choose from! I love to take pictures of litte ones and infants and I love the way that the wood floors look with both. I love all of your designs and when I get enough business to buy some from yall I def will!

  110. Rachel says:

    Already a fan of both:) and would LOVE the chance to win. My business is really starting to take off and I’m in desperate need of a new look:)/organization and a professional appeal! you guys are Rockstars!!! Thank you!

  111. Anica Steen says:

    I liked both pages

  112. Erin says:

    I’ve liked both of the pages and would LOVE to win this prize. I love your work and it would be great for my business.

  113. Liked both! Great giveaway!

  114. Natasha Nicholson says:

    I am a loyal customer of PPF&B and have left a review. I cannot rave enough about how much I love you guys 🙂

    Natasha Nicholson
    Precious Expressions Photography

  115. Anica Steen says:

    I liked both pages and posted this “@Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops has an amazing giveaway on their blog for an awesome prize from @On The Spot Studio. Click here to enter:” as my status!! I would love to win because I am starting a photography business and would be very happy to get my own logo (: Thank you!!!

  116. Natasha Nicholson says:

    I shared the link to this AMAZING Giveaway on my facebook status.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=231530116883196&id=512894099

    Natasha Nicholson
    Precious Expressions Photography

  117. Jeramie says:

    Posted the giveaway as my status on FB

  118. Natasha Nicholson says:

    I already LOVE both pages!!! So excited about this AWESOME giveaway!!!

    Natasha Nicholson
    Precious Expressions Photography

  119. Jeramie says:

    Liked both paged on FB. I would love to win! I would use my credit for a logo. I’ve been looking around at logos, but haven’t purchased one yet.

  120. Charissa says:

    I like both! I would love a chance to win and really jumpstart my branding! 🙂 This girl is on an extremely tight budget! I appreciate the chance to win for sure.

  121. sheri street says:

    both pages liked

  122. Jen Stem says:

    I like both on facebook! I would really love to win because I am just starting out with photography and I’m looking to brand in a simple and classy design. OTSS is the perfect company to meet all of my needs right now!

  123. Becky Tate says:

    Shared on my facebook page.

  124. the martinos says:

    i liked both on facebook!! i would love to win, I just started a blog to raise awareness for our nonpofit and I also started crocheting to raise $ for the youth, all proceeds go to the nonprofit! So I am in need of many of the services you offer!

  125. Holly says:

    I liked both pages and I want to win because I am in the beginning stages of opening a photography studio!

  126. Wow! What an awesome giveaway, I’d love to win! I liked both pages!!!

  127. Becky Tate says:

    I am already a fan of both pages! I would love to win because I am in need of a new logo and have been looking around and love the logos and branding that OTSS does. Thanks for the chance!

  128. I liked both pages! I rushed into a logo decision and now regret it =( Really need something that is branded for me!

  129. Charli Love says:

    I “liked” both! I want to win because as a photographer who is just getting started I could use a logo and design that will set me apart from the rest and the designs from OTSS are simply amazing!

  130. Both pages have been liked!!! : )

  131. Jamesa Leyhe says:

    i already liked one but liked the other! love it!

  132. I posted it in my status.

  133. ALready a fan of both pages.

  134. Larissa pavei says:

    I like both on fb! And i would love a up-dated design for my logo!

  135. I am already a HUGE fan of both- I would LOVE to win this- I have been NEEDING to get with Tiffany on a branding kit but funds have not been totally available… I am newer to the studio life, and am actually opening my new big studio in September and I think a fresh branding will kick it off with a bang and be just what I need to showcase myself as professional!! Thanks for this chance!!

  136. Oh, I was suppose to tell you why I want to win. I really, really need a branding for my photography busienss. Something consistent that will be with me for a long time that shares with people who and what I am about in my passion for photography. I do hope I win!!!!!

  137. 2nd chance – I posted on my Facebook page about the contest as requested!

  138. Kate says:

    I liked both! I would love to win this- I have admired Tiffanys work for quite some time, and just haven’t bit the bullet and had her design something for me!

  139. Okay, I’ve liked both pages! And I really do like them!!!!! Awesome Stuff!!

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