Fifty Off Winners Announced!

We are loving all of the tagged photos from our amazing fans!  You have blown us away! 

Here are the winners of our 50% off coupon!

1. Fallyn Angel Photography

2. Jenny O’Brien/L & M Bebe Mommy Photography

3. Lindsay Foster Photography4. Melissa Pasveer-Schlekewy/Little Moments Matter Photography5. Flower Tree Photography

Congratulations! 🙂

For our lucky winners: When ordering, please state in your order email that you are one of our 50% off winners (we will verify before invoicing).  The 50% off is valid for one (1) vinyl coated canvas backdrop or floor ($10.00 fee still applies to exclusive designs).  Coupon is valid for 3 weeks.  Send your orders to:!

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One Response to Fifty Off Winners Announced!

  1. Jeni says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much 🙂

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